This is the first day in Mega. I have built a clay hut and moved it to Mega location. There have been wheat growing in the Mega field the last summer but this year, the farmer has decided to plant turnips. Probably he gets two crops per summer? Turnips smell wonderfully fresh. The clay hut is basically almost hidden in between the plants when I place it on the ground. I met also some hunters who thought that clay hut is a hut for hunting ducks. We laughed.

Close to Mega, there are couple of small lakes. It seems that they are places for local youth to go for a smoke. They park their cars and leave the doors open so that loud euro-disco-music pours out from the car. They are funny Mega kids – like kids everywhere in the world.

No-one seems to mind about the historical moment of rising the first ever building in Mega - maybe so few people know this place has a name. Joggers and dog walkers pass by like it was the any other moment. Air planes fly low, though...

Mega from mkk on Vimeo.