Hönow is an idyllic countryside village. You can get there in half an hour by U-bahn and little bit of bicycling from Alexandr Platz. After the pulsing city, it is refreshing to be in this quiet village where you can pass by some horses grazing and picturesque little houses. Hellersdorf is as close to Mega as Hönow, but when coming from that direction the experience is totally different. It is like a little town with shopping centers and busy streets.

Nearby old water cleaning plant hasn't been in use for years. Now, it seems that there is something going on. Old concrete blocks are moved and there are bucket loaders and trucks coming and going. I don't know what is going to happen: maybe there are new houses build or even some factory? How this is going to affect the peace of Mega that is disturbed only occasionally by dog walkers, sowing and harvesting? Or could it just be that the new building will bring prosperity also to Mega?

View away from Mega  

Turnip leaves after rain  

View from Mega  

Idyllic village  

Construction of waterplant